Travel Path Media Inc.,
Canada’s First
OOH Travel and Mobile Data Company, 


(as seen in Media in Canada, AdNews, and DailyDOOH)

In a first for the Canadian media market, Travel Path Media, an OOH travel and mobile data sales company working solely with airport media, launched this month. With exclusive representation of the world’s largest independent luxury lounge network, the Plaza Premium Group, and North America’s biggest in-airport TV network, ReachTV, Travel Path’s vast array of advertising options will follow jetsetters on every step through the airport, through restaurants, bars, lounges, and departure and arrival thoroughfares. Director of Sales, Natasha Stevens, with her expert history in both airport media sales at Bell and airport media planning at OMD, leads the charge down jetways across the country.

“Canadian travel has roared back to pre-pandemic levels so instead of having our opulent travel products buried in a multimedia offering, we’re now showcasing them as the focal point for brands searching for the optimum way to reach Canadians pre and post flight. Travel Path Media directs messaging to those tourists via OOH and mobile targeting by polygoning Canadian and international airports, hotel chains, tourist attractions, theme parks, and convention centres.

We’re upping the dynamic awareness generated by OOH with the power of proprietary data segments, and then parsing that location data with each brand’s first party data through our soon-to-be-released analytics platform, Datalytica, to deliver actionable insights and to keep retargeting the savvy globetrotter long after they’ve finished one trip and just as they’re raring for another”, cheered Jamie Thompson, Founder of Travel Path Media and Adapt Media,
Travel Path’s sister company.