Connect with travellers on the go with North America’s largest airport television network


  • Reach 128M travellers monthly
  • 90+ international airports across North America
  • In Canada, ReachTV can be seen in the country’s 5 largest airports and speaks to 9M+ travellers per month
  • 1,700+ digital screens across NA, 70 screens in Canada
  • Short content TV in airpor bars, restaurants and lounges
  • 37+ minute dwell time at places where travellers come to rest, eat, and watch ReachTV


For advertisers, ReachTV is always the answer

ReachTV offers brands the space to amplify their stories by sharing them with a highly engaged and active audience.

Joining this network drives sales and forges relationships that enable brands to elevate and exceed their marketing goals.

We offer the opportunity for content sponsorship / ownership, 1-bar takeovers, and exclusive campaigns with customizable targeting and real-time reporting.


Every month ReachTV connects with nearly 1M hustlers, global citizens and explorers. These travelers are educated, affluent, cultured, and curious. They live for experiences and don’t mind spending to get what they want.

3 International Airports

60+ Mins/Session

50+ Venues

1M Monthly Viewers

19Hrs on Air Daily

3M Monthly Impressions

Our Products

Digital Video Network

70 Screens

Content & Programming

Operating out of Reach Studios, we produce and program a full slate of original exclusive content, crafted specifically with our Tastemakers in mind.

Ads in Action

Great Stories
within Reach

ReachTV is a measured streaming television network of original and syndicated short form programming located in high-traffic areas such as restaurants, bars, and lounges across airports in Canada.


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