Airport Lounges

Target affluent travellers throughout the world’s largest network of international airport lounges, spanning 250+ locations across 30+ countries. We offer a wide range of marketing solutions built to effectively engage with your audience.

Plaza Premium Lounges

  • Reach travellers with HHIs of $150K+ in a luxurious and captive environment
  • Speak to high-end C-suite executives as they relax pre-flight
  • 31 DOOH screens in 15 international/domestic lounges at Toronto Pearson, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg Airports
  • Continuously target these well-heeled consumers for 85+ minutes each visit
  • Improve the traveller experience with experiential partnerships, tasting sessions, and product demonstrations


3.2M+ Annual Traffic

270K+ Monthly Traffic

9K+ Daily Traffic

4 International Airports


65% Adults 25-60 years of age

78% Professionals that hold senior management positions

55/45 M/F gender split

75% Household income of $150k+ annually

90% Lounge visits are 80 mins+

Advertising Opportunies

30+ Digital Screens: 10s, :15s, :30s, :60s Spot Length
Endless Possibilities: Create engaging and personally authentic activations that enhance the lounge experience

Digital Screens

Custom Sponsorship

Experiential Activations

Pop-up Posters

Product Placement

Sampling & Tastings

Branded Giveaway

Naming & Styling Rights

In addition to myriad traditional advertising opportunities, Travel Path Media has implemented a sophisticated mobile location data strategy that utilizes polygoning techniques to perform in-depth analysis of mobile tourist profiles.

These proprietary polygons enable us to build audience segments and provide valuable insights into visitor demographics, behavioral profiles, seasonal trends, and visitor origin in real-time.

By leveraging this advanced data analysis, brands can effectively evaluate campaign performance and gain valuable intelligence to inform their future marketing strategies.

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